Tips for Early Childhood Learning Skills

Hello once again!  It’s been a long time since I contributed to this blog of mine. Today we will venture into a new chapter of how to equip our children with the skills that they need to develop in early childhood. This will prepare them for pre-school. Young parents are always wondering if their child is reaching his/her milestones at the right time? Early childhood development is a little easier to understand when you break it into categories of learning. The four primary areas:

  • Social and emotional
  • Language/communication
  • Movement/physical development
  • Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem-solving.

Today we will be looking into the Physical development domain and I will be providing parents helpful tips on how to develop their child’s fine motor (Small muscles/finger muscles) skill. Without much ado, here you go….

Material needed: Old newspaper, playdough/home made playdoug (Playdough recipe), plastic tongs , a bowl and  cotton balls, medium sized blocks. You can begin these exercises from as early as 18 months. These are skills that will develop the finger muscles and help a child later to develop his/her writing skills.

Week #1: Let your child use his hands to tear the newspaper into long strips. He will need his hands to hold the paper and tear and not just the fingers. Collect the strips in a box.

Week#2: Encourage your child to tear the stripes into large bits of paper using the fingers to hold the strip and tear. Collect these in two boxes.

Week #3: Now encourage your child to tear the large bits of paper from Box 1, into smaller bits. Once done, take the Box 2 and ecourage the child to crush the lage bits of paper into balls.

This is all for today. Keep the materials ready. I will take you step by step on how to develop this domain in the child.

Happy Learning! :)

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