In these times- A Blessing not a curse- Part 1( Listen)

All are talking , texting and writing about the corona virus- friends, media, colleagues and  all…. so what are you thinking? Are you allowing your mind to be swayed and clouded by the information you are receiving or are you using a filter to just take in what you think is relevant and important to you? Well,well, well….we are all taking the necessary precautions and are home bound now. Right?  So why not do something interesting this week?

I will say as a early years educator and a mother – to all those with children- here is the perfect time to bond with your adorable charming adventurous offspring..You don’t agree with the adjectives I used? Look at your child once again and this time- closely. You have been so busy with the chores and the job that you have missed out precious moments to connect with your loved ones. This is the time, the season- to bond, to forgive, to love , to laugh, to understand, to feel, to play, to embrace – your son, your daughter. Invest in this time to get to know your child. More than talking I would suggest you – Listen. Sometimes all that the child wants is someone who would listen. So here is your first task for this week- Just LISTEN to your child….give a patient ear. You will be surprised to realize that there were so many things, you were not aware of, about your child. Listen, with love and not sitting on a judgement seat. Until we meet next weekend with a new task….remember to…Listen ( It’s a learning in itself).

Distance Hugs :)


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