Failure – A Stepping Stone

It is all about perspective.

You can see the glass half empty or half full.  If we did not have night we would never be able to appreciate the first ray of sunshine that breaks into day. If there was no school, no work, we would never have learnt to enjoy, what is called, a holiday.  You can look at someone and think, ” I wish I were like him/her?” The grass is always green on the other side.

Recently, I did not get the promotion that I had applied for. Initially I was a little disappointed but I have learnt one thing, that ALL things ( even the ‘not so good’ ones) happen for good if we learn from those disappointments. The key is don’t get discouraged. Remember it is in your hands how you react to failures and people. Be grateful for disappointments for they teach you a couple of things. Don’t believe me? Here it is:

  • Humility- Disappointments keeps me rooted to the fact that I need to be more willing to learn and have a teachable attitude.
  • Resilience- It teaches me that successes and failures are just a part of life. Life itself is much bigger that this. Life is about your relationship with God, yourself, your family and friends.  So enjoy what you have!
  • Discernment- Having mentioned ‘Friends’ – failures will show you who are your real well-wishers and who were the back stabbers. Be happy that this is life’s way of teaching you how to discern. Better than staying in the dark about your so called ‘friends’…what say?
  • Focused-  Failure has made me more focused while doing my work. It has taught me to continue what I do with a spirit of diligence and excellence.
  • Encourage someone- Now that you have tasted disappointment and have overcome it by not letting it get the better of you, go ahead and encourage someone. I promise it will only do YOU good!

Let me end with this note- failure is not the  end of the road. It is a stepping stone to something bigger and better. This was not meant to be and not meant for me. Period.

So what now? Well, I continue doing what I do with all my heart , joyfully and passionately for I believe the BEST IS ALWAYS SAVED FOR THE LAST and having said that I believe -MY ‘BEST’ is yet to come.

Cheers and keep smiling:)

3 thoughts on “Failure – A Stepping Stone

  1. Woooow! Just loved to read this aunty.. ❤ ❤ really an encouraging piece of writing… so beautiful to see how you lean on and trust in God even in your failures.. So much to learn from you ☺️

  2. Dear Norma Ma’am..Got to read this article of yours after a long time. It was so refreshing and encouraging as well. I think not only working women,but housewives too face minor disappointments in life every once in a while.But as your article suggests,just changing our perspectives ,can keep us going and keep us self motivated.
    Loved reading this short and sweet article Ma’am.

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