Home is the First Classroom.

Young children are paying attention to the world around them every waking moment. They watch how their parents and caregivers talk, eat, react to situations and interact with others. You are your child’s very first teacher!

I say this from experience not only as a Kindergarten Teacher but as a Mom too. Few months ago my husband lay on the hospital bed and I was attending to him when suddenly our 20 year old elder daughter said, ‘’Dada, I would love to want to have a marriage like yours. You and Mama have stood by each other through thick and thin. We have seen both of you love each other through happy times and through trials.’’  This brought tears to my eyes. Immediately our younger daughter endorsed the same by saying, ’’Me too’’.

At that moment my husband and I smiled. I realised that even though I had given them good sound advice on marriage and love, the impact was more because of what they witnessed at home.

I am driving home a really important fact.  Your children are watching and copying everything you do. Choose your words and actions wisely. Be very careful about what you do and say. Set a positive example for your children, even when they are infants and toddlers.

Our home is our first classroom. I leave you with that food for thought.

Until next time ..goodbye!


2 thoughts on “Home is the First Classroom.

  1. Norma, you are absolutely right that we set an example for our children. We inculcate our thoughts of good behavior in them. They become our replica in Society. So we should be very thoughtful in our actions and plans.

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