Is Reading a challenge for your little one?

The year 2016 has been declared the year of reading in the UAE to create a generation of book lovers and consolidate the UAE’s position as a global capital for culture and knowledge.

Yet many parents face a challenge in getting their child to read. Here are simple tips to encourage the habit of reading in our little ones:

  • To begin with get some large print simple story books with many pictures   for your child.
  • Make it a habit( preferably at bed time, since you would have finished all your chores for the day too) to spend 15 minutes  everyday reading a book with the child. Initially you may have to point at each word and read.
  • Ask questions- what do you think would have happened to the bear? Get the child excited about wanting to know what will happen next.
  • Have a chart with a few large print sight words ( high frequency words- This , That, The, have, is , our, to…) Keep this at a place where the child can see and read with ease. It’s just to help the child recognize the words and NOT learn how to spell them. I had the same done for my daughter when she was 5 and we would lie on the bed and read the list that was mounted on the wall in front of us.  It was a game we played.
  • With that we come to make reading fun! Help the child create her own story book. Use half an A4 sheet for one sentence and then encourage the child to draw /stick pictures related to the sentence. Put the papers together with a ribbon. Your little one is the author of the book!
  • Check on line for good reading sites.

Remember , patience is the key.  Every child is different and so while some pick up fast there will be some who will need more time.  These few tips will help the child to develop  her reading skill.

Until my next post….goodbye and happy reading:)


Norma Gallyot.

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