Why is character so important in a child?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary ‘Character ‘ is defined as ”The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.”

Why is character so important? I believe it is essential for success. It is what makes people believe in you.

As a teacher apart from imparting knowledge and life skills I am responsible in helping a child to build his or her character. For example my children know they can always speak the truth to me without fear.  It takes courage to speak the truth and that courage needs to be applauded.

How do I build character in a classroom of 30 students?  Simply put, by building optimism. Encouragement , love and appreciation are the keys to building optimism. This helps them to self regulate their emotions and have a positive attitude in life. In face of being tempted to do something that is wrong they learn to say ”No”. They face their daily challenges without fear. They also know that ”Ma’am is always there when we need her.”

I think there is plenty of food for thought in what I have written.

Let me leave you with this note:

More than all that I have mentioned above, please remember that your child learns from watching  you live your life everyday!

Kind regards,

Norma Gallyot.



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