Monthly Archives: February 2015

Servitude in a Child

As a child , I remember my mother telling me to always help those in need and to treat others as you would like them to treat you.

Today as a Facilitator or Teacher I am expected to instill the value of servitude in the children I teach . This begins with doing little things for others. And as it turns out kids are actually hardwired to be considerate and kind. The desire to help is innate.

In class, the children take turns to help around . For example, helping  a  classmate who is feeling unwell to  carry  his bag, holding the door for others , assisting me in distributing the books , rubbing the white board ,to name a few. My kids in class love doing it! I have children who ask me all the time” Can I help ?”  They slowly start doing things at home too.  As a teacher you can instill good virtues in children( especially the five year olds)!

All want to be leaders.  To be a leader one needs to be responsible and a team player. The sense of responsibility comes with servitude. In serving one does not become small but more aware of putting others before self. It gives one the sense of self worth and joy.

In conclusion, to be able to lead , you must first learn to serve.