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Essential Qualities in a Teacher

I once walked into a classroom that had all the teaching aids a kindergarten teacher could ever dream of. I  had an excellent teaching strategy in place.  Now one would expect an excellent lesson to be delivered. Yes of course and why not? However wait a minute…just ponder a bit and think. There is something vital that every teacher must have besides the above. It is a necessity, a requirement. All of the above may not be there to the fullest but this simple but most important ingredients are  a must. Like a secret to a delicious recipe are these three ingredients to any kindergarten teacher. If I ask you, which teacher has left a good impact in your life? What did she have other than good teaching skills?

I’m sure it would be :

Love, Patience and Joy!

They are the three most important qualities in any teacher that makes a lesson exciting and interesting.  I can have the best teaching aids, all the skills needed to be a great teacher , the best teaching strategy but if I have no love, no patience, no joy then I would say ALL is lost!

The best compliment I  receive from a parent is ” My child can’t wait to go to school everyday” .

I have earned my reward :)

Kind regards,

Norma Gallyot.