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New Year- A Platform for Creativity

Wishing all of you a Wonderful, Joyful  New Year filled with new things!

We all get bored of the same old routine and look for new things, for good surprises to come our way. In fact if I pause and just look at the little children, I notice no two days are the same. Every day is a new day with new joys, new challenges and yet it is so fulfilling.

As a teacher, I have noticed that the one thing that allows the child to grow is Creativity. Giving the child a platform in class to just express himself/herself. The expression could be in many forms, for example drawing, writing, clay modelling, talking, etc. Once a student of mine drew  herself next to a big house with her Mom, Dad, her brother and sister and said,”One day I will build a big house for my family!” Allowing the child to express also helps us understand his/her dreams, fears, challenges and aspirations. Creativity is a form of expression. It is wonderful to see the future through their eyes. Encourage the child to do little things by themselves. It brings out the creativity and instils confidence in them.

Kind regards,

Norma Gallyot.

Every child is unique

Hope each of you had a wonderful week…each day is unique, has it’s own challenges as well as brings in new tidings.

Just a thought …if all of us were the same in every way possible this would be a very boring place! That is precisely why every person is created in a very special way. Yet we choose to compare our child to another child and even say” Why can’t you be like her or like him?” .

Let’s try this  question( however the answer may differ) :

What do you see in the picture below.? 

You must have answered this before but I’m glad if you can see that dot- for me that dot is the uniqueness you see in your child!!  There is something that only you and you alone  can do and no one else can do it.  


I’m sure if you look closely there will be at least one thing that your child is good at. Why not encourage the child to enhance that skill or ability? Looking for the good in your child will help you look at life positively.

So this week let us try to see that one ( or more) thing that is good in our child or things that our child is good at and highlight it, speak about it and develop it. It could be his nature of kindness , sharing (virtue) or may be a talent for singing , art etc. Let us help our child blossom into a wonderful human being.

Kind regards,

Norma G.