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Bonding ….Rule # 2

Hello again!! How was the week? Did any of you practice speaking good words? I did say it takes patience and discipline to do so.

Home is  where every person is busy front of the laptop/ television, on the phone or the iPad and all of this under the same roof. Am I right? Of course, not! It is sad if our home is not a place of warmth and care, a place where we can communicate and be our self.

Well, try this. Every day when your toddler returns from school don’t just feed him/her and then get them to watch television, but sit with them and ask them about their day. Simple questions like, what did your teacher say? Did you do something new in class? How is your friend?

In a nutshell: GET INVOLVED in your toddler’s life.

You’ll be amazed how the bond of trust and love will grow stronger each passing day.

Some toddlers take time to open up or may speak in a word or two. It’s fine. Relax, he is getting one picture for sure and that is – you are interested in his life. And when he speaks do not interrupt. Learn to develop listening skills( this one is for you dear parents : )

Listening is a skill. We will speak about it in depth next week. Till then start getting involved in your little one’s world and speak words that will build up the child’s morale.

Best Regards,

Norma Gallyot.

Make or break a child

Hello again!

You can make or break a child.

You want to know, how?

It’s by YOUR WORDS. Believe me, I can tell you out of experience that your words can bring out the best or the worst in your child.

Telling a child “You are useless’’, well that’s exactly what he or she will believe and become. The child looks up to a parent or a teacher seeking their approval and love.

I have seen children get transformed just by speaking simple words of encouragement like  ‘You can do it! Keep trying. You are the best. I believe in you… ’  and so on. Be patient and kind.

How long and often should one encourage? At every given opportunity!! Who doesn’t like a compliment or being surrounded by people who speak positive and encouraging words? How much more would a child  in his or her formative years?!


So Rule No #1 Speak positive words to your child.

That’s the homework for this week :)

Until next week!

Best regards,

Norma Gallyot.

Teaching- A Gift

A child is a gift from God, a very precious gift!

I am a teacher. A kindergarten teacher. For me every child is unique, a gift entrusted to me.

 Early childhood education helps promote high-quality learning opportunities for children from birth to age 5.  For any nation to prosper  education is  the best form of  investment.

Whether we realize it or not, every single one of us is a teacher in some capacity. We teach ourselves and we teach each other. Parents teach their children right from how to take their first steps to their studies. Friends teach us, we teach our colleagues…there is no end to learning and teaching.

But in kindergarten I am taught to be more of a facilitator than a teacher. We are trying to assist children to discover who they are. We help them explore their surroundings.

My blog is a journey that will help us discover – how to be a great facilitator(whether you are a  teacher or parent), to various tips on how to bring out the best in your toddler.

A whole new world of the child is yet to be discovered. Keep reading this blog for weekly updates.

Until then, enjoy your toddler and have a wonderful week.

Yours truly,

Norma Gallyot.